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In October 2004, John Dunn, BT’s Field Service Director engaged Conduco Consulting, to help his leadership team review, revise and mobilise their strategy.

The telecoms market is extremely challenging with significant changes in the business environment, from technology, competition and regulation, so the process needed to be robust, flexible and easy to use.

John says:
“BT has been through many successful changes since privatisation in 1984; we know how difficult it is to change. So, it was important to me that whoever helped us had an understanding of the end to end strategic change process - strategy, leadership and change - from a line manager’s perspective, not just the theory. Consultants who do are rare in my experience: Paul and his team at Conduco clearly do.

“With Conduco we got the best of both worlds, excellent, innovative approaches and practical, pragmatic tools for busy line managers. Using MapMaker and its tools really helped us get to grips with our strategic agenda. It took us beyond the normal tools of strategic planning into an integrated and “joined up” approach.

“Of course, creating a strategy and plan is the easy bit. Adopting, leading and mobilising a strategy are the hard parts. Whenever we hit a sticking point, Conduco always had a way to help us look at the problem from a different angle to resolve it.

“Some of the tools were new to me. But tools like the participation map, models like the viable systems model, processes like dilemma resolution and the approach to improving leadership team effectiveness were introduced simply and effectively so we could use them very quickly.

With the help, guidance and support of Conduco we now have a better understanding of our strategy, are more confident leaders of strategy and a stronger leadership team. We have significantly improved the probability of successfully implementing our strategy – I guess Paul would insist I say mobilising strategy!”

John Dunn
Director Field Service
BT Retail

tel: 01895 834994

Conduco Consulting | Conduco House
64 Middle Road Higher Denham
Buckinghamshire | UB9 5EQ | UK

The most important role of a leader is to mobilise resources, especially people, in pursuit of the organisations's strategic objectives.

The successful leader needs a style that fits with the organisation and its situation

Demist & Demystify
Just like trying to drive a car with iced up windows, if you can't see where you are going you are unlikely to get to your destination safely.

Likewise in organisations where there isn't a clear ethos, purpose and direction people feel confused and disoriented. This makes them disinclined to engage with a change initiative.

Think Outside-in
An organisation only exists as long as it is interdependent with its customer, shareholders, suppliers, employees and society at large. The moment it becomes dependent or independent of them it loses competitive advantage and begins to die.

To remain viable we must constantly scan and adapt to changes in our environment.

Everything is Connected
Having a clear view of what needs to be done, how it needs to be done, when and by whom is necessary but not sufficient. The people we lead have a right to expect the highest standards of planning.

A good plan is a set of interdependent and mutually supportive actions, aligned to an overall objective and strategy.

Map the System
Every organisation is a system made up of relationships between people. The role assigned to a person and their unencumbered freedom to act is the greatest clarification of relationship in the organisation. It spells out the nature and benefits of interdependencies.

Being clear and planning the roles and who takes responsibility for parts of the plan is mission critical.

Communicate & Engage
To mobilise a strategy everybody must not only know what is going on, but feel committed and a part of it.

This requires an approach that uses trusted relationships and gets the message to people in a way that fosters belief and credibility, whilst appealing at an emotional level.

Performance not Perception
In order to know if our strategy is effective we have to know if it is really working as expected. That means dealing on relevent facts. These should include lead as well as lag measures, non financial as well as financial measures.

Our performance cannot be judged on perceptions or relationships but only on performance and results.

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